Board Member Highlight

Lynn Lockwood Murphy

Lynn Lockwood Murphy, an experienced media and event handler, has over 25 years of experience in the creative, non-profit and political fields. She also has a long history of civic involvement in Chicago, serving as Board member on the Chicago Children’s Theater, the Steppenwolf Theater Company and the Three Arts Club. She is currently serving as a program director with the newly created, One Chicago Fund.
Professionally, Murphy spent over 8 years with the Department of Cultural Affairs, and worked with Children at the Crossroads Foundation founder, Maggie Daley, in creating and helping to manage the Chicago Cultural Center and the nationally recognized After School Matters program. It was there that she was first introduced to Maggie Daley’s vision for The Frances Xavier Warde School and the Children at the Crossroads Foundation.
As a current board members of the Children at the Crossroads Foundation, her connection to our foundation has spanned well over a decade. When she describes the early years of the Children at the Crossroads Foundation, she remains in awe of the amazing vision that Maggie Daley had to create a downtown educational experience that would be available to students from every background, and that would be academically on par with the best private schools in the city. She was later introduced to the school’s first principal, Mary Ellen Caron, and was convinced that this was a project in which she wanted to be involved.
“From the very beginning, we realized that in order for Maggie Daley’s vision to be realized, that we would have to build a solid financial foundation,” explained Murphy. “That is why we created the Children at the Crossroads Foundation,” she said, “We wanted to ensure that her vision would be realized, and that it would continue to benefit Chicago children for years to come,” she finished.
Children at the Crossroads Foundation is fortunate to have benefited from the many talents of board members like Lynn Lockwood Murphy. Murphy hopes that the future of the foundation is just as strong and that CATC will continue to evolve and grow to meet the needs of the children and families of Chicago.