Kevin O’Hara

exec-kevinKevin O’Hara is the proud parent of two FXW alumni, Brendan and Kelly, Class of 2006. Mr. O’Hara was first motivated to get involved with FXW because of the love his children had for the school, but was inspired to do more for the school community by the commitment and passion demonstrated daily by the teachers, staff, and leadership. Mr. O’Hara quietly supported early technology innovations and infrastructure at the school, and subsequently assisted in helping FXW establish programs to help retain the great teachers that were making a difference in children’s lives.
Mr. O’Hara is currently President and Chief Executive Officer of Integra, a leading communication and technology services company in the western U.S. With more than 25 years’ experience in network communications, he has led a number of organizations from their early stages through periods of rapid growth. Prior to Integra, Mr. O’Hara was co-founder and Executive Chairman for Troppus Software, a technology services company aimed at large service providers. He led Troppus from inception through a sale to a large, international satellite service provider. He was a co-founder of Level 3 Communications and served as its President and Chief Operating Officer, helping lead it from inception to a global enterprise, earning $4.2B of annual revenue with markets in North America, Europe and Asia. Prior to the founding of Level 3, he was the president and CEO of MFS Global Network Services. Mr. O’Hara joined MFS at the earliest stages of the company, and presided over various organizations of the company as it grew to become a $2B revenue company. Mr. O’Hara left MFS after it was sold for more than $14B.
Mr. O’Hara also currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Elemental Technologies, the leading video processing company that Forbes Magazine named one of the top 25 Most Promising Private Companies in America, and also serves as a director for RigNet, a global provider of communications services to the oil and gas industry.
Mr. O’Hara is an advocate for children, and served on the Board of Directors or the President’s Advisory Council for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado for more than 10 years. He and his family have also been long time supporters of Community Food Share whose mission is to provide food for families in need.
Mr. O’Hara earned a BSEE from Drexel University and an MBA from the University of Chicago. Among other recognitions, Mr. O’Hara received the distinguished Alumni Award from BBBS of Colorado, and was honored to be named to the Drexel 100, Drexel University’s highest level of recognition, bestowed on a select group of graduates for their lifetime achievements.