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Success Stories

  • Jennifer O’Connor ’06


    “They helped me to find my passion
    and allowed me to fully develop it.”

    Francis Parker School Class of 2010
    University of Denver 2014 MORE

  • Jasmine Arrington ’07


    My name is Jasmine Arrington and I am an alumna of Frances Xavier Warde, Class of 2007. In the fifth grade, I transferred to FXW because I wasn’t being challenged. Little did I know, I would be greatly shaped by the quality of education as well as opportunities to explore my interests and faith. MORE

  • Krystal Munoz ’15


    Growing up here in Chicago, I often found myself caught in the transition or exchange from one school to another as my mom was always looking for better education opportunities for my sister and me. One of the last exchanges that I made was to Frances Xavier Warde (FXW), and I can say confidently it was the best decision my mom has ever made—besides having me, of course! MORE

  • Irie Evans ’12

    irie evans

    Irie Evans: “I have no doubt I would not be where I am today without the rigorous education at FXW.” Watch the video to learn more about Irie’s journey from FXW to Walter Payton College Prep to Stanford University. MORE