Richard Driehaus

Richard H Driehaus (current)

Richard H. Driehaus’ extraordinary success in the investment management industry fuels his transformational philanthropic gifts in the built environment, education, arts and culture, investigative journalism, and economic opportunity for the working poor. With $180 million in donations to date, and even more planned, his philanthropy has been guided by a philosophy that giving back to society makes for a fuller life.

Individually and through The Richard H. Driehaus Foundation and the Richard H. Driehaus Charitable Lead Trust, Mr. Driehaus’ generosity has touched countless lives. He views philanthropy as a form of inquiry; a way of learning about the world.  Like investing, it requires strategic thinking, judgment for innovation and tolerance of risk.  Failures can be as important as successes.

Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, Mr. Driehaus is the son of an engineer at a firm that designed and manufactured coal-mining equipment. As a boy, he developed an appreciation for architecture while working his newspaper route.  He credits his coin-collecting hobby with introducing him early on to the dynamics of quotes and price changes.  His interest in the stock market began at age 13 and, at 15, he made his first stock purchase.

After rising through the ranks of various financial firms, he established Driehaus Capital Management in 1982. Mr. Driehaus gained prominence by popularizing “momentum investing”, the practice of identifying and buying stocks that are doing well and holding them while they continue to rise. In 2000 he was named to Barron’s magazine’s “All-Century” team of 25 individuals identified as the most influential within the mutual fund industry over the past 100 years.

Mr. Driehaus earned his bachelor’s degree in 1965 and his M.B.A. degree in 1970, both from DePaul University.  He holds honorary doctorates from DePaul University and St. Xavier University.